I am the 45-year-old single mom of two great kids,(and I mean that honestly) and a pit-bull. I grew up in MN and came to AL with my first husband in 1983. I’ve been divorced twice now, have been single for about 3 years and I LOVE it! I’m definitely not typical. I’m pretty bohemian, (this kind: A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior. I’ve never been to Bohemia. lol) I have always been a visionary. Back when I was a teenager I was known take my portable 8 track player down to the local lake, listen to music, watch the ducks and the sunset and contemplate the universe.

That’s only one aspect of myself though. (and there are many)I have a practical side. I’ve had to because after two divorces that left me with the short end of the stick financially both times, I have been forced to be frugal and learn to survive on my own. I believe in tough love, integrity, protecting the wild, capitalism and a higher power. I’m guessing I’m a centrist politically speaking. I don’t look at “God” and “religion” in a typical way. I’m sure there is a higher power, because nature is too diverse, beautiful, ironic and touches my soul too deeply for me to deny ones existence. There’s just no way that natures a “coincidence”.

I have a romantic relationship with the 60’s and 70’s era. It was such an amazing time of change, loss, gain, power, peace, ignorance, learning, revolution, testing boundaries and questioning everything. Actually, I think we learned more about ourselves because it occurred than we did while it was occurring.

Anyway, the best way to learn more “about” me, is to read my blog. So, thanks for reading! Peace=DWhat a wonderful world!

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