Don’t call the Maytag Repair Man Until You Read This-

I’ve had my washing machine for about 3 years now and it’s been a good one. Then about 6 months ago I went to put the Downy in and realized that the agitator had quit agitating. Upon closer inspection, I found that the bottom was still agitating, but that the upright part had stopped. I got on the internet and started “Googling”, as I always do, to find out why.

It turns out that there are little “dogs” that wear out over time, and that was the cause of the problem. I also found this website that not only sells them to you, but has a video demonstration of the process of replacing them. Awesome! I actually called around and found some locally for $5. It took ten minutes and $5 bucks and I was back in business. So, if your agitator’s quit working, check into this before you call the repairman and save a TON of money! Cheers!


About Groovybird

I am a child of the 60's. There was an atmosphere during that era that unfortunately no one but those of us who were there can appreciate, but each generation has their own gifts, talents and things to teach one another that are born out of our own unique experiences. I've created this blog to share my joys, concerns, hopes, fears, dreams, and stuff I just think is really cool. I love this country. People have DIED to keep her free and DIED just to call her home. If you ask me, that makes all of us that live in America privileged to be here. I am the mom of two great kids, 17 and 21, and a pit-bull. I am a visionary, bohemian, an artist, a realtor, and a nerd. I believe that growing older is mandatory but growing up is optional. I have a soft spot for kids, old people and animals. I love painting, fairs, flea markets, amusement parks, music, nature, candles, windchimes, stained glass, and Mexican food.
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